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Как установить Corel X3 на Win10?

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Как установить Corel X3 на Win10?

Не могу установить лицензионный Corel Draw X3, на Windows 10. На сайте Microsoft программа Corel Draw X3 отмечена как совместимый продукт. Люди так же устанавливают его, пишут, что нужно руками править файл .msi. А как это делать? Имеется пост на английском о установке, но тоже не очень понятно.
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I (finally! hooray!) got CorelDraw X3 to install on a new Windows 10 laptop, it came with Win. 8 and suggested to install 10 on first boot. The trick was to use the *.msi files (install cd:\CGS13, click on type to gather them together) instead of the automatic install. I used the setup.msi first (by itself it wouldn't run) and then did the en.msi (English, I think), the vba.msi and the FontNav.msi — the ISUS.MSI seemed to have problems and hung, I think it has to do with updates. You have to do the setup.msi first as the others will fault-out without it. I then started X3 with F8 pressed. I only installed CorelDraw as that's all that I use. Of course there were no shortcuts to the desktop installed, but that’s easy.

Don’t ask me why X3 re-installed (using the regular install) on my desktop with Win. 10 with no problems — but it did — the new laptop was the problem.

I plan on removing X7 student (very crippled, IMHO) from all my systems when I feel comfortable with the X3 install on the Laptop, probably in 3-4 months. Yes, X7 (even the student) has some good points, but I am not willing to pay the price for them and I want VBA.

I have not (yet) had any problems with either system and have opened several old X3 CDRs and installed several GMS files.

I will put in a disclaimer here, I do not claim that this is a trouble free install and if you run into any problems you have been warned. I do not take responsibility for your install or system. If I run into any problems, I'll post them here.